Paris Johnson

Co-Owner and Master Stylist

Paris Johnson Co-Owner/Master-Stylist of Touch Of Elegance, has been in the cosmetology industry for 23 years and the owner of Touch of Elegance since 2003. Paris is an educator & takes pride in teaching her clients about Hair-Care, Hair- Manageability, & Beauty. Paris specializes in bringing back lifeless hair and satisfying clients everyday needs. Paris has taken a multitude of classes in hair & make-up. She loves making people feel comfortable and happy with trendy looks as well as classic/conservative choices. She always has a smile on her face and brings a delightful energy to the environment. Combined with artistic talents, an eye for natural beauty and fashion, Paris will listen to your needs and make suggestions that will reflect your style, beauty, and edge. [/span][/colcontainer]

Chris Winnie

Co-Owner and Master Stylist

Chris Winnie Co-Owner/Master-Stylist of Touch Of Elegance, has been in the cosmetology field for 30 years and the owner of Touch of Elegance since 2003. Chris is a ball of energy who specializes in color & highlights. Bound to put a smile on your face and create the look you’ve been searching for, Chris will make sure you leave the shop feeling happy and satisfied. Chris treats each client like a member of her Family and takes pride in being able to do all hair types. Her goal is to make every person who walks into Touch of Elegance feel Comfortable, Free, and beautiful.[/span][/colcontainer]

Jay Brown

Truly passionate about her career, Jay Brown is always on top of the trends. Jay went to Virginia Farrell and received her license in cosmetology in 2006. Jay’s passion in the cosmetology field steered from an early age and inspired her to pursue a career in the hair industry. As a Stylist, Jay can transform a basic look into a captivating style. Jay specializes in various skills ranging from Hair-Care, Relaxers, Color, Cuts, Press & Curls, Extensions, or Weaves. If you want to look hip, trendy, or classic, Jay is the person for you. Be it Oprah’s classic hairstyle or Rihanna’s trendy new look, you can’t go wrong in Jay’s chair.  It’s Jay’s personal goal to continue to excel as a Stylist and to ultimately make her clients feel like the divas they are. 

Keesha Wallace

Stylist and Master Color-Artist
Keesha Wallace, Stylist/Master-Color Artist has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2002. Keesha specializes in color correction and healthy hair coloring. Keesha is all about precise cutting and hair restoration. Other services include Press & Curls, Blow and Go, Relaxers, and extensions. Keesha understands the importance of hair-care in maximizing ones self-esteem and takes pride in helping women find the beautiful & confident versions of themselves. She gets extreme joy and satisfaction helping her clients restore and reinvent their hair. .

Tonya Little

Hair Stylist Tonya Little has been in the hair industry for 30 years. She graduated from the Virginia Farrell’s Beauty College in 1983 & remembers wanting to do hair as early as 9 years old. Tonya has built her business on integrity, confidence, and healthy hair. She specializes in all hair care. However, she is a master at hair-pressing & restoration of hair. Tonya believes in hair manageability & making your hair feel healthy and look beautiful. If your hair is dry, dull, or lifeless, visualize shine, silkiness, and body while sitting in Tonya’s chair. .

Anyesa “Cookie” Perry

Anyesa Perry is a tenacious, fun-loving leader who enjoys making you smile through providing impeccable quality services.  Anyesa appreciates life challenges  and is encouraged by learning that “knowing is half the battle.”  You must think about who you, see yourself being exactly that and more and declare it with certainty believing that at your best you will not fail.

You can check out her styles at:

Irma Kaceli

Graduated in 2000 in Europe from ” Beli Cafi,Albanian school of beauty “
Refreshment program at L’ESPRIT academy in Livonia. Love to create patterns of colors. Cuts, upDos, specialized in keratin complex smothing hair treatment. Facials with all natural products, threading & smooth waxing. Certified on laser hair remover from Lumminis, permanent make-up and eye lash extensions.